my happy life

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  on wnnkday,I usually get up at half past six and I have breakfast with my parents and sister Wu Yujing at twety five to seven.Befor school,I often go to the supermarket to buy some snacks.

  I always have lunch at home.I have seven lessons every day,four in morning and three in the afternoon.After school,I often play ping pong or runing games with my classmates.

  I usually get back home on foot at five o'clock and I have dinner at six o'clock.After dinner,I always play a game.Then I do my homework.

  On the weekend,I get up very late.Because I went to bed late.Every Saturday morning,I usually go to the library.I like read very much.

  Oh,I think my happy life is very interesting.I like it very much.What about yours?Can you tell me something about it?