Reading competition

Did you ever want to win first prize in a reading competition? Maybe or maybe not.But how would you feel if you thought you had done really well and then didn't? You would feel really awful…

On March 22 nd we had a reading competition in a high school. That day, I was very nervous about the competition. I thought and thought…..and I said to myself,Austin, don’t worry it will be fine. After a while, my mom took me to that high school.

When I got into the seat of the car, my stomach started to hurt, but I knew that sort of thing will happen all the time during a stressful event like a reading competition. Later, after a few hours had past, it was my turn to walk up to the stage and say my lines. But wait! I looked over and noticed the judge wasn't looking at me- it was if she didn't respect me! We learned how important eye contact is during our assembly.

After I finished, the guests gave me great praise. I thought I would have a good mark.Then came the time to give out the certificates. When the person read Frobel ElementaryI thought it was me…..but it was my classmate Cindy. She had received second place. Then they read the first prize and I was disappointed it wasn’t me. I was very sad…… but……

I must tell everyone in here, when you go to a competition win or lose you shouldn't care. You should care about whether or not you did your best. You need to ask yourself- Did you learn anything for entering this competition? Do you have the courage to read a story to a huge audience?

Just remember always try to do your best, and the results will still be beautiful!