The English alphabet

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A: what A?A, the mystery of the pyramid.
B B?B, happiness of pregnant women.
C C?C, the bright moon,
D D?D, convex convex beer belly,
E E?E, huge two cabinet,
F F?The key of F, universal,
G G?G, is going to grow up the bean sprouts,
H H?H, solid wooden bridge,
I what I?I, the cold ice cream,
J J?J, curved hook,
K K?The king of K, serious,
What L L?L, elegant book clip,
M M?M, McDonald's fast food,
N, N?N, lightning quick,
O O?O, round ball,
P P?P, spacious parking lot,
Q Q?Q, gracious queen,
What R R?R, bright red,
What S S?S, long python,
T T?T, fancy shirt.
What U U?U, unfriendly craters,
V V?V, glorious victory,
W W?W, smooth ass,
X X?X, the wrong fork fork,
Y Y?Y, fork of the road in life,
Z Z?Z, comfortable bed.
English letters makes me think of a lot of things!Good magical and wonderful.