The growth of happiness

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Grow like a cruet stand, sweet and sour, salty, everything, with learning to play the piano, a successful harvest sweet, acid and misunderstood, spicy and failed the exam...It is with these tribulations and exercise, I truly feel the growth of happiness.
I am a stubborn girl, once you decide something, I'll be perseverance, hard work, determined to finish it well.Stubborn and the word is hidden behind the growth of my small story, is it the first time I tasted the joy of success.
Every day after dinner, I like to walk with her mother outside, the city looks like a clever child, gradually into the sweet dreams.That day, my mother and I went for a walk in the city square, the multicolored rollerblading immediately attracted me, that one of the young and lively figure in a large running freely in the square, like a happy bird, in the endless blue sky, spread your wings and fly.As people dancing steps, rollerblading kaleidoscope of colors and they scored a beautiful arc in the ground.Mother told me that it is an interesting sport, called "roller-skate.Later I every day to people square, quietly sitting on a high level, a few silk breeze gently stroked my face, fully appreciate the body of the free and easy, natural and unrestrained.Whenever see brothers and sisters become synchronized rollerblading, my heart is free, wish I can have a pair of your own skates, mobility through the streets.
Finally one day, mom was my eager eyes, roller-skating decided to also let me learn, also some exercise at the same time, I was so excited to listen to the immediately jump three feet high.I am eager to put on my dream of skates, reward the figure skating class.I finally can like brother elder sister in the free gliding in the square!Reality, however, drag my imagination cruel from good back, I just put on skates, can not stand, and then fell to the ground, fall, straight  not waist pain, glittering and translucent tears in the eyes, my heart is full of frustration: skating through a fall, for the first time is really failed!Mom saw, although very distressed, but constantly encouraged me: "the computation, where fell from where to stand up. It is only through practice, can learn to rollerblading, isn't that what you wish for?"Yes, this is my dream, I can't give up!Listen to the mother, as if there is an invisible force in encourage me bravely stood up!Tidy up depressed mood, raise head to look forward, come on!
From then on, I will know that rollerblading is not going to learn.So, I determined to study hard roller, every day I keep on studying to the public square figure skaters, sun, rain or wind, I trained hard, remember: where to fall where to stand up!Even fall off blue knee, arm cut, also did not flinch, stood up and continue to practice.So day after day, month after month, everything comes to him who waits, I learned to "before" and "down", "before" and "after", "S" on one foot, and so on pattern roller, for the first time I felt the joy of success.Now, whenever I confidently put on skates, mobility in speed skating in the square, there will be a kind of filled with the joy of success in my heart, in the freedom of speed skating, I forget the worry, forget sadness, brave dedication to front!
Grow strong, let I harvest growth let me learn how to be brave, growth let me know how insist, growth makes me more mature, I felt happy growth of!