Never forget this lesson

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Forget the beautiful, beautiful statement, cannot forget, that to be the truth, forget the classroom teacher liu, this section, is the last time to teach us, liu don't know when can we meet each other, let's cherish this short time, let it passed slowly, slowly again.
The class cadre, do their job.Runs its own power, this lesson today. Liu put forward a proposal.To select several special class cadre.One is the "owners", owners, this lets the students made a fan.At this time, there was a classmate stood up and said: "is the person in charge of the doors switch", the students listened to, immediately burst into laughter.Some, laughing their heads off some not broke into laughter.And another classmate say: "owners is martial arts high strength of the people", some say "is in the lead, collective management, what say anyway have. Make me faint head to. A wide variety of liu refers to the students first to answer the question, said:
"As the classmate say say, owners are open close the door."The classmates immediately but realize.
Again with the "owners", liu wrote a words on the blackboard "boss", it can be more busy, the classmates scrambling to say, "money, class, director of always with a straight face, very honest, rigid".The teacher said with a smile: "you say is correct, there is no correct answer".Students like a cat on hot bricks, in the end, someone said "clean the blackboard,..."A beaming teacher picked up an eraser on the blackboard wiped, and asked the students: "what ah," the students chorus reply: "erase the blackboard", ha ha!
Then, liu wrote on the blackboard: "director", the ideas of the students had to take off, sublimation, such special words is a piece of cake, seems nothing can stop our rich imagination, the classmates scrambling said: "all specialties have person, he is over anything, it's wonders, is the most interesting of the two classmates of answer:" scrub, flush the toilet, toilet management.The answer is surprising, however, as they say, the so-called, is scrubbed, toilet flushing, listen to the classmates, pause for a moment, and burst out laughing.
Through this activity, we also understand a lot of knowledge.I know how to write a composition, of course, these cannot leave the liu guidance, thank you, teacher.You have taught me the pleasure of writing!I'll take you to give me knowledge of etched in heart!