Gardenia is already in full bloom

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River side of the setting sun shines, gardenia is already in full bloom, like curling up cataclastic SuBo, peeling a river.Gone is the share is a line of sentences which are from afar.Autumn comes, fell to the past.The light fragrance of gardenia brewing in the air, taking the breath with memory, transmitting the bit by bit.Open the treasure has long memory box in the heart, and that figure seems in the eyes...
It is a season of gardenia fragrance filled with wind.That day was the day of our monthly exam results released.I am excited and nervous at the same time.On that occasion, I did very poorly on that really did very poorly on the!When the teacher announced results, my heart like a overturned cruet stand, this cruet stand are all full of sour, bitter, hot and salty.The taste is I still can't forget.
After school, I put down the bag and ran to the river under the gardenia tree.Drive too is brilliant gardenia "two-tonne" laughter, dancing in the autumn wind.Finely sunlight playing on the petals, with warm breath.Somehow, my tears streaming down.Youth in those setbacks as their poison dart off guard, let me cut and scales.Maybe, this is growing up.
Tear down in the face, still with the taste of the salty grazed his lips.And I don't know, father had stood behind me. his warm hand touched me on the back.Maybe your dad has guessed it.He sat down at my side, with a faint comfort and encourage to me and said: "the way of life of a test just after will meet many setbacks, but as long as you remember, that is:" stand up and run, don't stop. Leave the shadow of success to failure. "I understand nodded, seems to be more firm determination.In the days that followed, I truly understand that sentence.Whenever I meet with difficulties, I will tell myself: leave the shadow of success to failure.
Back, let me learn to strong.
I was about ten years old, suddenly got a high fever.Busy working father hurried to go home, take me to hospital.Ran, let me warm father figure.I do not know when, I was asleep.Stay awake, is already the next morning.Turned to look at, father fell asleep beside the bed.Frown father slept so upset, I looked at the father found, father has changed a lot.It had a head of black hair, I do not know when suddenly got a white.The zhang face, already was full of wrinkles on his forehead.They are like a sword, stab my heart faint pain.After a while, his father woke up, he would rush out to buy breakfast for me.I looked out of his back, gradually go far, I do not know when, already was in tears.
In fact, the so-called father and a mother and daughter just means that you and his fate is to share the rest of my life constantly watched his back.You stand at the crossroads, looked at the back of his fade away at the end of the road, and he back quietly tell you: don't have to chase.
Originally, but life is such a trip: you watched me grow up, I watched you old.Ok this way, I can treasure you figure.