Spring is coming

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Spring is coming, the flowers opened, and we take a look at what are the good friends in the grass!

A: wow!I saw the frog singing, their singing is like huang out of the valley, I seemed to enjoy a concert, made me infatuated;I also saw a carry snail house little calf, it slowly crawling, it is hard to climb, run like a car slowly slow turtle, leisurely enjoy the scenery along the road all the way;I also saw a long rope, ah!That's not the rope, it is a long and big snake!I'm afraid to be bite, will let I were dead, and I had to watch it coiled in the distance.A: oh, no!The traffic police to open the ticket!All of a sudden, concert just frogs daredevil jumping in front of the snake, the snake was immediately in their ears, devoured, eat up.Ah!Show business and lost a shiny big star, what a pity!

Rain and dew of spring, on the leaves, like a dazzling diamonds, of the grass by the rain moisten, trees can't wait to be indomitable spirit of shenmu, I am moved by that don't give up the spirit of, hope it can hold up a beautiful backdrop for earth.

Azure after a spring rain, the rain, the sky appeared a beautiful rainbow, let person mind at ease, I hope that morphs into a butterfly dance on the grass...This poem, call I how happy!

Spring grass have greatly small secret, as long as you observe, listen to, we can see the fun endless heaven and earth, let a person can not help but praise - the world's big, wide world out there.Little of the world, also boring don't have!